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Anklet's never went out of style and now, they are even more in-demand than ever

For the thicc girls there used to be few to NO options to chose from - not anymore.


The advantage; Female anklets are made out of faux-pearls (crystal) and gold components to keep the jewelry on point with our mission to use ethical materials whenever possible. We use the highest quality components we can afford while making beautiful jewelry anyone would want to wear. 


Sizing:  (fits ankle sizes)

A = 8" - 10" inches

B = 9" - 11" inches

C = 10" - 12" inches (not stocked but available via custom order)

D = 11" - 13" inches not stocked but available via custom order)

Pearl and Gold Ankle Bracelet

Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Blush Pink
  • About this anklet:

    Pearl Content: Lead Free (crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less)

    Bead Content: 24k gold plated Miyuki Glass Beads (high quality, metallic, brilliant cuts)

    Stringing Material: Silk Thread

    Gold Hardware: 14k gold filled connection components

    Country of Origin: made in USA of components from Austria, Japan & other international origins

    Chain/End Componets: 14K gold filled  

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