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advantage; Female

is a plus size all inclusive clothing line that is modern and uses better to fine textiles. For our community of wearers, shopping online and if you can find it, in person, is littered with fast fashion knits, and ill fitting wovens. advantage female (AF) takes a different perspective on designing clothing. We design, engineer, and craft our patterns and garments based upon real size 14+ and up women. Genius right?

Engineering garments based on the actual figures you are designing for seems logical and the best approach to designing clothing, right? Then why do so many clothing lines not follow this path. Because its incredibly expensive, labor intensive, and delays clothing-to-market timelines. All that said, I would not produce garments any other way.

AF aims deliver clothing that not only fits more fuller figures, but is also designed, crafted, is modern, cute and beautiful as well. Many women do not grow up and tell themselves they want to be as fat as they can get. Many women develop into a fuller figure due to life, for the most part. Yes, some folks just love to enjoy food or might have a medical condition, but mostly, we develop issues in life which steer us to dealing with life's issues through food. I know that is true for me, and Im betting its true for other women too. Even if all those things are true, wherever you are in life women deserve clothing that fits. Period. 

Wearing clothing that makes the wearer feel great about how they look is our aim. I want my audience of wearers to feel amazing, special, spectacular, and beautiful as well. If you are anything like me, when I feel great in my clothing my day is better, I might make better choices for myself, I put extra effort into eating better, and I make good self care choices as well.

That is not always true, but it is true more of the time than not. Women deserve the best clothing possible wherever they are in their life. My goal is to provide a full range of clothing using fine cottons, silks, wools, tweeds, boucles, and select knits. I can't wait for you to see all the clothing coming your way,

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